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Interested in the History of Kettlebells Training?

Learn about the 2 different styles.

 The Foundation of Kettlebell Hard Style

LEVEL 1 Will focus on the Foundation of the kettlebell swing and Goblet squat as well as the Deadlift. The Final phase of Level 1 is a 3 minute Flow Drill focusing on the Swing and Goblet squat. 

Level 1

The Foundation

  Expanding the Kettlebell Foundation

LEVEL 2 Will expand on your foundation with the kettlebell clean, the kettllebell press, and kettlebell Front squat.  The Final phase of Level 2 is a 4 minute Flow Drill focusing on the Swing, Clean, Press, and Squat.

Level 2

Expanding your Foundation

 Introduction of Double Kettlebells

LEVEL 3 Will Expand on the kettlebell Press and and Deadlift as well as implementing new movements with the racked kettlebell. Level 3 will be the introduction of Double kettlebell Cleans and Double kettlebell Front squats as well as the Roll to Post (the first part of the turkish get up). The Final phase of Level 3 is a 5 minute Flow Drill expanding on the Swing, clean, squat, and more!

level 3

Intro to Double Kettlebells

  Expanding the use of Double Kettlebells

LEVEL 4 Will Introduce the Kettlebell Snatch and expand on the use of Double Kettlebells. Level 4 will be the introduction of the single Leg Deadlift and the Full Turkish Get up. The Final phase of Level 4 is a 3 minute Flow Drill focusing on foundational movements with Double kettlebells.

level 4

expanding the use of double kettlebells

You Have been crushing Kettlebell Hard Style! Are You Ready to Master Double Kettlebell Hard Style Movements in Level 5?

Lets Get After It!

  Mastering the use of Double Kettlebells

LEVEL 5 Will focus on mastering the use of Double Kettlebells with all the Foundation movements. Level 5 will have you mastering the Turkish get Up with a heavier kettlebell. The Final phase of Level 5 is a 3 minute Flow Drill focusing on Mastering the foundational movements with Double kettlebells.

level 5

Double KB Madness!

  Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

LEVEL 6 Will be the introduction to kettlebell Sport and will focus on the Foundation of kettlebell Sport and the extreme difference from Hard style (short explosive power and strength) to Kettlebell Sport (long endurance sets and strength). Level 6 kettlebell sport movements will focus on the Sport (GS) swing, the catch (clean), the jerk (press), and the snatch. The Final phase of Level 6 are Two 5 minute Endurance Drills focusing on One are Long Cycle and Snatch.

level 6

Intro to Kettlebell Sport

 Introduction of Sport Double Kettlebell Lifts

LEVEL 7 Will introduce Double kettlebells to Kettlebell Sport for the Catch (clean) and the Jerk (press). The Final phase of Level 7 are Two 5 minute Endurance Drills. One focusing on Mastering the Double kettlebell Sport movement, Double Long Cycle. The second 5 minute Endurance Drill will be mastering the Sinlge Arm Sport Snatch.

level 7

Intro to sport double kettlebells

You have mastered Kettlebell Hard Style and Now have Learned Kettlebell Sport! Are You Ready for Your Final test!?

  Mastering Kettlebell Sport

 LEVEL 8 is the big Kettlebell Sport Finale! Level 8 is when you bring it all together and Complete 3 Kettlebell Sport Endurance competitive sets. The Competitive sets will be, 10 minute Single Arm Snatch, 5 minute Double kettlebell Jerk, and 10 minute Single Arm Long Cycle. 

level 8

Mastering Kettlebell Sport