This gym ROCKs! The commitment level of these individuals is intoxicating! Our trainer Jeff Greer has passion for fitness and it shows in his commitment to his fitness and to those who are at his gym. If you want to put your time, effort and money into a fitness program, than Pinnacle fitness is your best choice! Give it a try today!!!!

Diana Corey Atchley recommends Pinnacle fitness.

jeff is awesome! Highly recommend this studio! Really passionate dude. We need more passionate trainers like Jeff! You wont regret!

Joel Gottehrer recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Great place, great program for better overall fitness-cardio and strength conditioning.

Susan Labrecque recommends Pinnacle fitness.

If you are looking for a great place to improve your health and fitness look no further than Pinnacle Fitness. You will find great workouts that will push you and better yet a great group of people that will help you push past limits and reach your goals.

Michael Hawthorne recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Absolutely amazing as always! Glad to be back. Strong and healthy!

Natasha Talbert recommends Pinnacle fitness.



Anna Socarras

 65-lbs lost

Anna has continued to be committed to the process and continues to set higher goals and continues to crush them! Anna is definitely an inspiration and motivator to everyone that says they can't do it!

"I started training with Jeff after virtually never working out my whole life. Even after having 3 kids, I am now in the best shape ever having lost over 50 lbs and almost to my goal (which he has convinced me to surpass). Also, I had a shoulder injury from a car accident about 20 years ago and Jeff was able to modify exercises to maximize my workout. And guess what?? By training with Jeff, I was able to avoid shoulder surgery!! You can’t really get much better than that!"


Jennifer Reagan

25-LBs Lost

4.3-Lbs Lean Muscle Gained


Jennifer has continued to be committed to the process and continues to set higher goals and continues to crush them! Jennifer is a huge inspiration and motivator to everyone in the gym!


Jennifer came to us after the birth of her second child. Jennifer has become a staple in our afternoon classes and has become one of our High Level Athletes at the gym! We are very proud of Jennifer and her Accomplishments and look forward to being part of her journey to reach new goals! 

Caitlin Thompson

Over 20-LBS Lost 

6.5-LB Lean Muscle Gained



Since joining Pinnacle Fitness Caitlin has been a hard charger! She is always in the gym doing extra work and always stepping up to any challenge. Because she is dedicated to the process She has lost over 20 pounds and gained just over 6.5 pounds of lean muscle mass.

Caitlin has also joined the Pinnacle Fitness team in doing Spartan races! She has completed 13 races and collected 4 Trifectas this year!
We are looking forward to seeing what 2020 brings for Caitlin!

Jeff and his staff are a class act. They always modify workouts if they are too hard or too easy for me. They really bring out the best out of everyone in each session. Pinnacle Fitness is truly that, the Pinnacle in Fitness in the area!

Chris Schenck recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Jeff and originally started working together around 2010 to get me ready for fights when I was still competing. His passion for helping others is what I liked most about him. And the training we did opened my eyes to new ways of exercising and using my body. He is a wealth of fitness and health knowledge and I learned a lot from our time together. Wether you're just looking to start moving your body and get healthy, or improve specific movement for any given sport, Jeff's you're man!!!

Brandon Kyle Umipig recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Awesome place. Great workout environment!!❤️love it.

Rick Durocher recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Top notch fitness program that cares about developing a community of healthy individuals while focusing on staying safe and injury free during every workout.

Javier Lozano Jr recommends Pinnacle fitness.

I went from unable to do one push up to doing 15 in a row! It's always a good workout with a great trainer and great people! Love this place!

Veronica Ogan recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Brandon Kyle Umipig

 Won His Championship Title!


"I went to Jeff at Pinnacle Fitness for conditioning as i’m a amateur mma fighter. I learned much more than i ever planned to! I gained strength, speed, and most of all i learned to be mentally stronger from the style of work outs that Jeff had me do. I would recommend Jeff to anyone i know!"

– Brandon Kyle Umipig

                     Lillian Peacock

                                            65-lbs lost

Lillian is in the best shape of her adult life and is continuing to make progress every week!
We couldn't be more Proud of LiLLian and the changes she has made in her life! She has broken down so many barriers already! She is in the gym 5 days week, she has ran her first 5k and her first Spartan race!

LiLLian came to us never having any gym experience let alone working out!

When she came in she had the I can't and I won't do that attitude. She was clearly in a self defeating mindset. Our coaching staff slowly worked with LiLLian to push her in the right direction and get her mental game on point.
Once we got LiLLian on the right path she has become a beast! We are excited to be a part of Lillian's fitness journey!
Lillian is definitely an inspiration and motivator to everyone that says they can't do it!

Chano Socarras

30-lbs Lost





"Jeff’s program is excellent. He has extensive knowledge on the human body, nutrition, etc. He has limitless exercises from beginner to extreme. He showed me how to cut back on my calories with a morning shake.

Between his nutrition plan and work out routines I’ve lost 30 pounds. I like how he keeps me motivated to continue with my routine. I would highly recommend his training programs to anyone who wants to lose weight and be healthy."

– Chano Socarras

Here at pinnacle fitness I've learned that it's really about whole body health and fitness. The balance between nutrition and a healthy workout regimen. It is vital, in order to have successful results, to have that combo. It will continue to be a difficult journey but pinnacle has shown me the proof in the pudding

Stephanie Delacruz recommends Pinnacle fitness.

I have finally found the gym I've been searching for!! I joined Pinnacle 6 weeks ago when I saw an ad on Facebook for a fitness challenge. Being stuck in a rut and in the struggle between a strong desire to get fit and an equally strong love for food, it was perfect timing on Facebook's part to put that ad on my newsfeed. Over the last 6 weeks I have fallen back in love with exercise and a living a healthy lifestyle. The results I've seen in the short 6 weeks are greater than what I expected. Jeff is great and the other gym members there are incredible. I am officially addicted! Walking into that gym you will be challenged, encouraged, and transformed!!! I highly recommend it!!!

Stefanie Brandt recommends Pinnacle fitness.

You want a challenge?? You want to be held accountable?? Pinnacle Fitness is where you need to be. Jeff has completely changed my attitude about working out (and running...kinda!) but he taught me that I can push myself to the limit and not give up. Pinnacle Fitness...not just an ordinary gym membership, It's a fit-family!!!

Tanya Kaplan recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Thanks Jeff, Tanya and Nicole, felt the ❤️ and support today taking my level 1 test, and from everyone else in the room.

Renee Deliman Gutierrez recommends Pinnacle fitness. 5 December 2015 · Thanks Jeff, Tanya and Nicole, felt the ❤️ and support today taking my level 1 test, and from everyone else in the room.

If you have the will Jeff will show you the way!!!

Angel Hendrickson - Schmitt recommends Pinnacle fitness.

I did my first ever Deka event at Pinnacle and I can’t say enough good things about how it was ran and the niceness of the owner Jeff!! This is a great facility is, super clean and very welcoming for non members so I can imagine that members think highly of this gym as well.

Veneita Dozier Schult recommends Pinnacle fitness.

If you are looking for a non judgment gym and a trainer that actually works out and is very knowledgeable and pushes you to and beyond your limit, then this is the gym for you. All of the clients are friendly and are very helpful when you are new to the group.

René Moore recommends Pinnacle fitness.

Amazing experience! Knowledgeable trainers made me feel welcomed and even after a hard workout, I felt accomplished!

Chris Wind recommends Pinnacle fitness.


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