Pinnacle Fitness is the Premier NorCal DEKA Affiliate!

Hosting DEKA STRONG and DEKA MILE events! 


DEKA, from the creators of Spartan, is the decathlon of functional fitness designed for ALL levels. DEKA emphasizes training with a purpose, exercise gamification and plenty of opportunities to celebrate your fitness!

What is DEka?

DEKASTRONG  is where everyone starts and includes all 10 Deka Functional Fitness Zones without any of the running!

DEKAMILE  is exactly the same the full DEKAFIt but the running is dropped down to only 160 meters after each zone, a total of 1 mile not the Full 5k distance.

DEKAFIT is the “Super Bowl of Fitness” event where fitness enthusiasts of all levels celebrate, compete, and test their fitness, as well as, earn their DEKA Mark (overall time to complete the course). The DEKA Arena consists of 10 Functional Fitness Zones (aka DEKA Zones) all preceded by a 500 meter run (a total of 5k in distance… the most popular running distance in the world).

Complete all 3 race distances and earn your DEKA Trifecta!



2 person DEKA Mile Team Relay heats at July 9th event!

DEKA mile/Team Relay

Saturday July 9th at Pinnacle Fitness

TEAM Relay Competition flow:

Each team of two will have one timing device.  

The first and last 160 meter run (160m run before DEKA Zone 1 & 160m run before DEKA Zone 10) must be completed by both teammates.  All other running can be divided however the team members prefer –  

At the start of the race, both team members will be at the start line together and they will run the first 160m run together.  

After both team members enter DEKA Zone 1, the repetitions can begin. Once the repetitions are completed, 1 of the 2 teammates will begin the next 160m run.  

Once both competitors are inside the DEKA Zone, repetitions, meters, and calories can be divided however the team prefers.  

DEKA Zone repetitions, meters, or calories CAN NOT begin until both competitors are inside the zone. 

160m runs CAN NOT begin until all repetitions, meters, calories are completed.  *Teammates must stay together inside the DEKA Zones (the upcoming runner must stay within arms reach of teammate)

If one team member is running the160m run, the other team member will go straight to the next DEKA Zone. 

After completing DEKA Zone 9, both teammates must run the final 160m run together.

After completing DEKA Zone 10 both teammates must cross the finish line together. 

Team members can divide up repetitions, meters, and calories using whatever strategy they prefer, but there can only be one person at a time completing the work.  The team must use the same station (rep completion area/mat, rower, ski, bike, tank) for all repetitions, meters, calories.  Co-Ed teams are allowed to switch back and forth between male/female weights if dividing reps during a zone but a male is NOT allowed to use the female weight.   


Example 1: DEKA Zone 2 & 5 – Row & Ski x 500m

Only one team member can be completing the Row & Ski at a time.  Both competitors are not allowed to be pulling the handle(s) at the same time.  Team members can switch and divide the 500m however they prefer.

Example 2:  DEKA Zone 6 – Farmer’s Carry

One team member must carry both dumbbells.  The dumbbells can be set down as many times as necessary and the other team member can pick them up and continue.  *For Co-Ed teams, if the female member starts with the 40lb weights, the male team member CAN NOT assist during the 100m carry.  *Both team members and the Team buton must travel together during the 100m course.

Example 3: DEKA Zone 9 – Tank Push/Pull x 100m

Only one teammate can have their hands on the Tank at a time.  Both team members are NOT allowed to be pushing or pulling at the same time. Team members can switch and divide the 100m however they prefer

*All DEKA Zones that have a weight implement:  Males must use male weight and females can use female or male weight.  If dividing reps, team members are allowed to pass the weight to their teammate but only one DEKA Zone station can be used to complete the reps.

• ALL levels of fitness
• Functional fitness enthusiasts (Bootcamp, HIIT, MetCon/crossfit participants)
• Fitness professionals (trainers and gym operators)
• Elite athletes
• OCR athletes, Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc.
• Runners
• Military, Police, Fire, EMS, First Responders
• Corporates (wellness programs)
• Universities, High Schools, Middle Schools