What your fitness program or transformation challenge center doesn't want you to know and Why your current fitness (coach or program) has it completely wrong.

Dec 2, 2019

 by Jeff Greer

What your fitness program or transformation challenge center doesn't want you to know and Why your current fitness (coach or program) has it completely wrong.

Your fitness journey is a cycle. You will have ups and downs as well as achieving goals and set backs.

If you are in a repetitive cycle of always starting over or doing another "challenge" to "get you back on track" you probably should look for another program and coach.

A study conducted by Scientists at University of Michigan gave a sobering statistic: Roughly 90 percent of people who lose weight using unsustainable diets and nutrition plans eventually regain all of the weight they lost and even worse 93 percent of those people gained more weight then previously lost.

The real formula to sustainable weight loss and over all wellness is proper nutrition and a full fitness program that should include strength and conditioning as well as varied cardio. Nutrition is and should be the foundation of a healthy sustainable fitness and weight loss plan.

Really think about this for a minute....

We are all individuals, we are all shapes and sizes right? So how can a plan that's the same for everyone that walks through the door of a "transformation center" actually be the best fit for you as an individual?

Unfortunately the truth is those one size fits all workouts and crash Diet progams (so called transformation centers) are specifically made to make you fail after your 6 or 8 week cycle is over.

It's a very slippery slope. They want you to lose weight during their challenge to have you celebrate it but ultimately it's for them to promote and advertise your quick success but on the flip side they want you to fail and gain weight back after so you will always run back for that so called quick fix.

Unfortunately you will feel like the failure is all your fault. The truth is that you have actually been set up for this exact situation. You are now in their cycle, a cycle that is mentally very hard to break.

Take a step back and think about this, if everyone is so successful in their program why do such a high percentage of their members have to continue to keep doing back to these challenges? Why can't they just have a normal nutrition and training plan?

They show up every day, they work their butts off, and they starve themselves with extremely low calorie intake all to get a prize or their money back. Those are great add ons but the focus should be 100% on learning intelligent health, fitness, and wellness.

Once the challenge is over it is impossible to keep up the same crash diet and inadequate training practice that is doing nothing more then getting you to move in horrible movement patterns.

You just went through a 6 to 8 week program that is not based on nutrition science, its poorly programmed, and completely unsustainable.

Your fitness and wellness program should be a well thought out and planned program that is laid out and clear for your needs. All based on nutrition and exercise science.

You are being taught an unsustainable approach to your health, fitness and overall wellness ultimately transforming your mindset amd approach to fitness in an unhealthy way.

Being told to dehydrate yourself and only eat 800 calories a day every week before your weigh in is ultimately setting you up for eventual major failure. Not to mention how absolutely unsafe and unhealthy it is to do so.

This type of plan will have you drop weight, no doubt about it. But at what cost?

You can not and will not live your life on a nutrition plan like that. You WILL gain the weight back. Not only will you physically have another set back but you will also suffer a major mental blow as well, because it's your fault right? That's exactly what you will think even though it's actually what you've been taught.

This approach does more damage then good. You will not only hurt your metabolism but you will also have a loss of overall skeletal muscle mass due to improper nutrition and inadequate strength training programming.

Not to mention If you are an aspiring athlete you will 100% do more damage then good following this type of approach working with unqualified coaches for your specific needs.

No one can live a healthy lifestyle with the crash Diet plans.

Unfortunately once your "challenge" is over you will slowly fall back into the same old bad habits because you haven't been taught those good habits and how to sustain your weight loss.

The (transformation center challenges) business model is built on members failing and eventually returning for another quick fix.

You have been taught to just sign up for another quick fix Gimmick.

I see good people make this mistake constantly. Unfortunately I have friends and even family that have bought into this culture of rollercoaster dieting and fitness.

You see you are not being coached to be successful and be the best version of yourself.

Anyone can run people through a cookie cutter workout and make them sweat and burn calories.

Anyone can also have people crash Diet and lose weight.

How about learning how to keep the weight off in a healthy and sustainable way?

How about having a coach teach you proper nutrition and create a specific strategy that is sustainable and will get you the results you want and complete that triathlon or marathon that you always wanted to do, or better yet do better then you ever have at those events.

Do your homework and stop the cycle. Get with a qualified coach and not a gimmick crash Diet factory.