The struggle is real... Part #1

Aug 19, 2023

 by Jeff Greer

Part #1

The struggle is real...

Over the past year I have really had a hard time understanding why most people are not being committed to their health and fitness. I took for granted that everyone would be much more in tune with "your health is your wealth" as we all just spent the past 3 years living through a pandemic that dramatically effected people with poor health and fitness. 

Unfortunately I was and am completely wrong. 

Everyone has seemed to lose the mental tenacity and desire to be a better version of themselves.  I've seen more people just basically phoning in their workouts and not working to get any better on a daily basis. This has really been on my mind all year and as a coach it's bothering me. 

I thought that dealing with everything we all have delt with over the past 3 years that your "why" would be obvious. 

I could not be more wrong...

It seems most people have completely forgotten their "why". I want to tell you a little bit of my story and some of my "why" in hopes that it will help you remember your "why" and reignite the spark within you to get after it and work to be better every day.