Mental game

Aug 14, 2020

 by Jeff Greer

Do you mentally prepare for your training sessions?
“When I think of any elite performing athlete, they all have a system to “getting their mind right” before every training session. From the amount of sleep they make sure they get, how many hours they must be awake before training, how they eat, how they prioritize their mental health (journaling, getting outside, meditating, etc), to the outfit they wear (look good, perform good). No elite athlete just rolls out of bed and mindlessly drives to their training sessions, unprepared for what’s ahead. There’s structure and a system to everything I do before I even go to the gym. I make sure my mind is right, I know what’s planned for my session ahead, and I know what PR I’m after that day. I’ll see this with my Miami group training girls too- the ones who make the most progress are the ones who show up early, have a PR on their mind, and may even feel a bit of nerves. This type of mindset and mental preparation separates the average from the elite 🍑 “ #kettlebell #kettlebells