Debunking keto

Aug 14, 2020

 by Jeff Greer

But there are tons of research in the Keto diet backing it up.

But there are tons of research in the Keto diet backing it up.

And there is. Lots of it, but how much of it looks at the long-term effects for overall health and weight management? Most of the research actually looks at epilepsy, which is what the keto diet is really for.

However, a study following children for ten years found the following side effects. High cholesterol, high triglycerides, iron deficiency, and not to mention diarrhoea and vomiting. Is that something you want?

But I have lost weight and kept it off.

Well done to you, but what is the inside of your body like? Is it healthy? Are you meeting all your nutrient requirements? The keto diet does not have a long-term sustainability, which is why so many nutritionists don’t recommend it. Also, any weight loss plan that promises you quick, immediate weight loss, should be avoided. This is not solving your problem

What am I saying?

Don’t cut down on what your body needs for the sake of weight loss. I promise you, the damage you do to your body, your organs, it isn’t worth it. If you want to lose weight, there are no magic formulas, no wonder diets to follow. It is a case of eating healthy, cutting out junk food and balancing a healthy diet with exercise.

There is a reason obesity is an illness of this century. Look back hundreds of years ago. Peasants were slim; they ate grains and potatoes and vegetables. Monarchy, lords, ladies, all overweight, because they ate rich, high-fat foods.

You only need common sense to know the keto diet is a bad, bad idea.