commitment to yourself Part #3

Aug 22, 2023

 by Jeff Greer

“there is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists Seek nothing outside of yourself” Miyamoto Musashi


Commitment, What is commitment? Say that word again and let it resonate before answering…commitment – a commitment to yourself, your loved ones, and the limitless potential that lies within. Today, I invite you to consider one of the most impactful commitments you can make – a commitment that echoes through your existence, touching every aspect of your being and radiating outwards to your family, your career, your health, and your mental well-being.

Picture this: you, standing at the crossroads of choice, with the gym as your compass, guiding you towards a path of empowerment. Going to the gym consistently five days a week, isn't just an act of self-improvement; it's a profound declaration that you value the vitality of your body, the clarity of your mind, and the harmony of your soul. By dedicating yourself to this transformative journey, you're not only enhancing your own quality of life but also enriching the lives of those who matter most – your family. They are watching and learning from every move you make.

In all of our busy lives, time is a precious commodity. However, when you invest the time in yourself at the gym, you're investing in a brighter future for your family. Imagine the joy of running around with your children, setting an example of healthy living and instilling in them the values of discipline and self-care. The commitment you show in the gym radiates into your home, fostering an environment of positivity, motivation, and strength.

But let's dive deeper into why consistency is the key to unlocking transformation. Just as you wouldn't expect a garden to flourish with only occasional watering, your body and mind require consistent nourishment. Going to the gym five days a week signals to your body that you're committed to positive change, igniting a cascade of physiological and mental shifts. Your muscles respond, your cardiovascular system strengthens, and your mind sharpens.

Consistency isn't just showing up, consistency is about physical change; it's about molding your character and fortifying your mental resilience. When you honor your commitment to consistency to your health and fitness daily in the gym every week, you're nurturing the mindset of a champion – a mindset that refuses to be deterred by obstacles, that thrives on discipline, and that draws strength from within. This unyielding mentality transcends the gym, the workouts, the pain, and permeates every aspect of your life – including your career.

Consider this: a successful career is built upon the foundation of discipline, focus, and determination. By consistently dedicating time to the gym, you're cultivating these very qualities that set you apart in your professional life. The mental clarity you gain in the gym translates into sharper decision-making at work. The stress relief you experience boosts your resilience in high-pressure situations. Your increased energy and vitality enhance your productivity and drive. In essence, your commitment to your fitness becomes an investment and an asset to your careers success and longevity.

On the flip side, just moving through workouts and only showing up a couple of days a week is like only playing 3 innings of a 9 inning game. It's like expecting a symphony from playing a single note. While any effort is commendable, the true is a masterpiece is created through sustained commitment and consistency. Just as an artist hones their craft day after day, you mold your body, mind, and future through consistent dedication.

When you neglect your fitness, when you opt for the sporadic over the steadfast, the ripples of impact extend far beyond the gym walls. Neglecting your fitness deprives you of the energy to fully engage in the moments that matter. It weakens your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to illness. It diminishes your self-esteem and clouds your mental clarity.

Furthermore, not taking your fitness seriously can cast a shadow over your professional life. It can erode your confidence in the workplace, hinder your ability to manage stress, and limit your capacity to tackle challenges head-on. Your career trajectory, once soaring, might stall as your physical well-being wanes, leading to missed opportunities as well as missed days at work.

To put it plain and simple, your commitment to your fitness and the gym is a declaration of love – love for yourself and love for those who depend on you. By embracing the gym consistently every week, you're nurturing your body, enriching your mind, and creating a legacy of health for your family. Yes, your family watches and learns from your actions. You're forging a mindset that propels you to greatness in your career and in every facet of your life.

So, step into the gym with purpose and dedication. Let your sweat be a testament to your commitment, your progress a testament to your potential. Elevate yourself, elevate your family, and elevate the very essence of your being. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards are boundless.

"Keep pushing till the wheels fall off"

Yours in Fitness, may your dedication be unwavering, your commitment unyielding, and your transformation extraordinary.