Are You All In?

Jan 3, 2021

 by Jeff Greer

"If you are to lazy to plow your field, do not expect to yield a harvest"


This is a really deep statement. It applies to so many aspects of life. When we think about our health and fitness this is definitely 100% spot on. 


Unfortunately you can not expect to get weight loss results or for that matter have the strength gains that you really want if you are not committed to the process. You will not achieve the goals you wish you could reach. We have to do all of the daily "dirty" work that most do not like to do.


Every single person that is having lasting success or are crushing their goals are getting "dirty" and plowing their proverbial field on a daily basis. 


I will dig in a little deeper, 


If you are wanting to be better at strength training and want to improve all of your lifts you have to be in the gym to get in the work but more importantly to get the coaching that you need to get better.


Or maybe you need to improve your conditioning to be able to complete a specific goal. Not putting in the work 100% guarantees you will not reach that goal. 


Now obviously everyone has something that comes up and you can not make it to the gym from time to time. Skipping training days on a weekly basis is a very slippery slope that typically ends up putting you in a worse place then before.


On the other hand when you do show up it is imperative to always work into an uncomfortable level of training. If you are just doing the minimum you will never get the results that you want and eventually you will have lost all motivation and quit and that's just the cold non filtered truth. 


To many people fall in love with the idea of achieving big goals but hate the process it takes to achieve them. 


Do not fall in love with the idea of losing weight or reaching big goals. Fall in Love with the process. See once you learn to love the process all the road blocks in your head space will be that much easier to break through. 


Learning to love the process means taking every workout as a challenge and growing from your daily experience. You learn to live in the moment and not in some far off idea of what it might be like. 


Every day is a battle and we have a choice to either fight that battle and grow from it or we can give up and be in the same place you were before. 


I get it, not every day is a great day but if you get in and battle to be better then the day before you will end the day feeling like you at least won part of that battle and can grow from that.


It is not a coincidence that 100% of the people that are hitting major goals and do epic and extraordinary things are in love with the process and the results or goals achieved are the byproduct/reward.


The take away from all of this is we all have the ability to be great and do great things. It is our personal choice to decide if we want to be great... 


I know I will be out plowing my field and I hope to see you out there plowing yours! 


Coach Greer