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Pinnacle Fitness is Home to the Industries only Kettlebell Level Ranking System

8 Levels to work though. Starting with a Foundation in Hard Style and working up to Kettlebell Sport.

Only One Piece of Equipment, All the benefits of a full Full Body workout, None of the Boring

"As I swung these things for the first time, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the human body was meant to do this."

Ever been stuck in a "meh" workout routine or exercised super hard but felt like it did NOTHING? Not here! Kettlebell Club training is a fun, "smarter, not harder" workout for the win.

Join us now - Whether you love kettlebell training or your ready to try something new, no experience necessary. We'll teach you everything you need to know to use Kettlebells safely and get super fast changes in your body from our Kettlebell Club classes.

"90% of Gym goers have never had correct kettlebell instruction and are not swinging the kettlebell correctly leading to injury and poor results."

Solano countys only Kettlebell Club and Facility with certified Kettlebell instructors and Home to the creators of the only Kettlebell Level Ranking System in the industry. The kettlebell club level system is based on Technique and progression of Technique Not on Strength or how much you can Lift!

 You'll get incredibly strong without the dangers of lifting max weight, and a fantastic cardio workout without ever running a step.

Kettlebell Club Levels

 The Foundation of Kettlebell Hard Style

LEVEL 1 Will focus on the Foundation of the kettlebell swing and Goblet squat as well as the Deadlift. The Final phase of Level 1 is a 3 minute Flow Drill focusing on the Swing and Goblet squat. 

  Expanding the Kettlebell Foundation

LEVEL 2 Will expand on your foundation with the kettlebell clean, the kettllebell press, and kettlebell Front squat.  The Final phase of Level 2 is a 4 minute Flow Drill focusing on the Swing, Clean, Press, and Squat.

 Introduction of Double Kettlebells

LEVEL 3 Will Expand on the kettlebell Press and and Deadlift as well as implementing new movements with the racked kettlebell. Level 3 will be the introduction of Double kettlebell Cleans and Double kettlebell Front squats as well as the Roll to Post (the first part of the turkish get up). The Final phase of Level 3 is a 5 minute Flow Drill expanding on the Swing, clean, squat, and more!

  Expanding the use of Double Kettlebells

LEVEL 4 Will Introduce the Kettlebell Snatch and expand on the use of Double Kettlebells. Level 4 will be the introduction of the single Leg Deadlift and the Full Turkish Get up. The Final phase of Level 4 is a 3 minute Flow Drill focusing on foundational movements with Double kettlebells.

  Mastering the use of Double Kettlebells

LEVEL 5 Will focus on mastering the use of Double Kettlebells with all the Foundation movements. Level 5 will have you mastering the Turkish get Up with a heavier kettlebell. The Final phase of Level 5 is a 3 minute Flow Drill focusing on Mastering the foundational movements with Double kettlebells.

  Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

LEVEL 6 Will be the introduction to kettlebell Sport and will focus on the Foundation of kettlebell Sport and the extreme difference from Hard style (short explosive power and strength) to Kettlebell Sport (long endurance sets and strength). Level 6 kettlebell sport movements will focus on the Sport (GS) swing, the catch (clean), the jerk (press), and the snatch. The Final phase of Level 6 are Two 5 minute Endurance Drills focusing on One are Long Cycle and Snatch.

 Introduction of Sport Double Kettlebell Lifts

LEVEL 7 Will introduce Double kettlebells to Kettlebell Sport for the Catch (clean) and the Jerk (press). The Final phase of Level 7 are Two 5 minute Endurance Drills. One focusing on Mastering the Double kettlebell Sport movement, Double Long Cycle. The second 5 minute Endurance Drill will be mastering the Sinlge Arm Sport Snatch.

  Mastering Kettlebell Sport

 LEVEL 8 is the big Kettlebell Sport Finale! Level 8 is when you bring it all together and Complete 3 Kettlebell Sport Endurance competitive sets. The Competitive sets will be, 10 minute Single Arm Snatch, 5 minute Double kettlebell Jerk, and 10 minute Single Arm Long Cycle. 

Pinnacle Fitness Kettlebell Club Quick Facts
​Classes: 2 days per week

Kettlebell Club members will meet and work on all Levels of kettlebell training. Kettlebell club members will work towards learning and perfecting specific kettlebell lifts, drills, flows, and movements to achieve a new Level standard.

Primary Club Services: Kettlebell Level up, Kettebell FIT (fun, full-body strength and conditioning), Kettlebell Sport (endurance, power, and strength training) as well as one on one Personal kettlebell training.

​Interesting Fun Facts: We are home to the only kettlebell club in Solano County and the Only facility to have Certified Kettlebell Specific instructors as well as the creators of the Kettlebell Level system.

Motto: Plan to succeed and train to succeed, because you were born to succeed.


We have members in their early teens and members in their 70's so YES YOU CAN DO IT!

One noteable thing we have in common is enjoying the technical challenge. Kettlebell training is similar to a martial art - you'll continually improve how fluidly you moved the bells and learn more advanced techniques as you put the time in.


join our kettlebell club!

Join us now - Whether you love kettlebell training or your ready to try something new, no experience necessary. We'll teach you everything you need to know to use the bells safely and get super fast changes in your body from our Kettlebell Club classes.

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What is Hardstyle Kettlebell Training?

This style can be summarized by high intensity and few repetitions. Power optimization is the key rather than power conservation. Each rep should look just as powerful no matter if it is 12kg or 48kg. This style focuses on a balance between high tension and relaxation.

Tense the muscles. Because muscles produce force by tensing. Maximize the tension.

Tense the joints. Because a loose joint absorbs the force meant to go elsewhere; it “leaks” power and is easily injured.

Focus on breath and a strong core. Because pressure from the core increases strength.

Move from the ground. To maximize stability and to take advantage of the reactive forces.

Kettlebell sport is also known as girevoy sport, or GS for short. Girevoy is Russian for kettlebell lifter.

The object of kettlebell sport is to lift one or two bells as many times as possible within a certain amount of time (usually 5 or 10-minutes).

Many people practice kettlebell sport strictly for the exercise, as it is unmatched in efficiency (you're getting strength, cardio and endurance training benefits at once), it's widely accessible (low-impact) and easy to scale as you progress by increasing the speed of the reps and/or the weight of the bells.

Others love the deadlines and challenge a competition provide, and choose to compete in kettlebell sport lifting competitions to achieve the most clean reps within the time limit; good technique is critical.

Where did kettlebell sport come from?

The sport of kettlebell lifting was created in Russia - where the first known competition took place in 1948 with unified rules and regulations forming over the subsequent decades and culminating with membership in their National Sports Federation.

Today, aside from the athletes around the world who practice kettlebell sport to increase power endurance performance in their own primary sport, many individuals and clubs also participate in kettlebell sport competitions.

Competitions are typically 1 or 2 days held over a weekend and lifters travel to these events. A small competition may have 25 competitors and a large one may accommodate 150 or more.

There are several different kettlebell sport events, or "lifts," and the most common are (similar to olympic weightlifting) variations of the kettlebell jerk, snatch and clean and jerk (we call that long-cycle in kettlebell sport).

In olympic weightlifting the lifter is trying to lift as much weight as they can at once. A kettlebell lifter is using a weight that is challenging for them, but certainly nowhere near their max so they can repeat the lift anywhere from 20-200 times or more during their 5 or 10-minute set.

Competitions issue rankings which are determined by your actual weight or weight class, the weight of the kettlebells you use to compete, and the amount of reps you complete within the time limit.

In most kettlebell competitions, snatch is performed with one bell by both men and women and lifters are allowed one hand switch during their set. Jerk and long-cycle are performed with two kettlebells by men and either one or two bells by women, depending on the hosting organization. Each organization has their own ranking table and rules.

Are you ready to start your kettlebell journey? We have your road map already in place to take you from building the propper foundation all the way to being a competitive Kettlebell lifter! 

Level 1

The Foundation

Already Passed Kettlebell Club Level 1? If you Answered YES, Way to Get After It! You can use these links to Jump to your Next Level!

Level 2

Expanding your Foundation

level 3

Intro to Double Kettlebells

level 4

expanding the use of double kettlebells

You Have been crushing Kettlebell Hard Style! Are You Ready to Master Double Kettlebell Hard Style Movements in Level 5?

Lets Get After It!

level 5

Double KB Madness!

level 6

Intro to Kettlebell Sport

level 7

Intro to sport double kettlebells

You have mastered Kettlebell Hard Style and Now have Learned Kettlebell Sport! Are You Ready for Your Final test!?

level 8

Mastering Kettlebell Sport