Pinnacle Fitness Kettlebell Club

Pinnacle Fitness is Home to the world's first and only Kettlebell Level Ranking System

8 Levels to work though. Starting with learning the basics to create a solid Foundation

Only One Piece of Equipment, All the benefits of a full Full Body workout, None of the Boring

Why join the kettlebell club

 Whether you love kettlebell training or your ready to try something new, no experience necessary. We'll teach you everything you need to know to use Kettlebells safely and get awsome results from our Kettlebell Club classes.

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why we are different

Solano countys only Kettlebell Club and Facility with certified Kettlebell instructors and Home to the creators of the world's first only Kettlebell Level Ranking System. The kettlebell club level system is based on Technique and progression of Technique Not on Strength or how much you can Lift!


"90% of Gym goers have never had correct kettlebell instruction and are not performing the basic foundational movements like the the kettlebell swing correctly. Leading to injury and poor results."

incorrect swing form

Arching the back, squating during the swing, shoulders not packed, no core bracing, all leads to lower back pain

incorrect press form

Incorrect front rack position that leads to poor/incorrect overhead press technique and shoulder pain

poor instruction/coaching

non kettlebell specific certified trainers teaching incorrect and poor technique leads to not only poor results but injury as well

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 Plan to succeed, train to succeed, because you were born to succeed


You'll get incredibly strong without the dangers of lifting max weight, and a fantastic cardio workout without ever running a step!



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Kettlebell Club members will meet and work on all Levels of kettlebell training. Kettlebell club members will work towards learning and perfecting specific kettlebell lifts, drills, flows, and movements to achieve a new Level standard.

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First, kettlebells are a great workout. Kettlebell club allows you to advance your skills in a self paced environment combined with personal instruction. The levels give you goals to achieve along the way. And, it's super fun!

Wendy Hamilton

Kettlebell Club is a huge spark to my overall fitness. Having experienced coaches who know what they are talking about watch our movements and offer coaching and form checks has helped my progress in a ton of ways. It's also really motivating to be in a room of folks throwing around KBs! It's definitely a unique workout and I always look forward to the next one!

Gustavo Visalli

My husband and I love that we are able to see the different stages of progression from our gym mates and ourselves. Our favorite aspect of the Kettle Bell Club is… THE CAMARADERIE and the help from our Coach:)

Will & Mary S.

I love the Kettlebell club because I get to focus on perfecting technique and have a great strength workout too!

Diana Atchley

The kettlebell club has helped me so much to improve core strength and mobility, while giving me a great full body workout that includes strength and cardio. I love that there’s something for everyone, from beginners to advanced folks. I have spinal limitations but can still do every movement painlessly… when done with proper form of course!

Jacqui Arama

Although it can be challenging at some points, the kettlebell club is an extremely fun and rewarding way to get in your exercise and learn new ways to handle the kettlebell. It’s fun and rewarding moving to different levels.

Gary Virk

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