2 Month Vertical Jump INTRO


Pinnacle fitness's ‘2 Month Jump’ is a program for those who .... can’t

If you are looking to increase your vertical as well as stay consistent in
those WOD’s that consist of a lot of jumping up and down this is the program
for you!

Say goodbye to the days of skinning and busting those shins on a 20”
box. This program will allow you to skin and bust your shins on a 24” and
32” box as well!

But in all seriousness, imagine what it would be like to go through a few
rounds of box jumps without the worry of hurting yourself or fatiguing at
the wrong time. That’s exactly what this program will do for you.


By the end of this program you will be able to:
Jump HIGHER! - Increase your vertical, because everyone wants to be
able to “get up”.

Become more EXPLOSIVE! - This attribute will improve your olympic lifts
as well as several other movements that require explosiveness.

Move more EFFICIENTLY! - Not only will you be jumping higher but you
will be taking precious seconds and even minutes off your WOD times
by properly training your jump.

Use this program to supplement your current regiment. This program
runs 3 times a week so fit it in when you can do so and start seeing the

2 Month Vertical Jump Program

Finally jump on the Big Box!