Cardio Engine 12 Week Program


Build the ‘Engine’ You Need to Crush Longer Workouts

Don’t let your ‘Engine’ be your limiting factor in your training. Improve your conditioning with training designed to build your aerobic capacity and improve your ability to sprint through high-intensity power workouts.

Tired of finishing at the back of the pack in big workouts?

We see it time and time again -- Athletes go to their one-hour class, where they do a strength portion and a sub 10-minute metcon. Then, they’re faced with a workout like ‘Murph’ or ‘Grace,’ that pushes them into that 30 to 45 minute range and they panic.

A solid aerobic base and the ability to push in the short high-intensity workouts are key to improving your training - especially in the functional fitness realm.

Pinnacle Engine trains both energy systems to make sure you’re prepared for any task, or any workout that comes your way.

The 12 week cardio engine program is designed to help build your cardio engine. Giving you much better cardio capacity and the ability to perform at a much higher level.


Cardio Engine Builder

12 week build you cardio engine program


  • What does the training schedule look like:
    You’ll receive the full week’s training at the beginning of the week. You can fit the sessions into your week however it works for you.
     Example - if you are looking to train 3 days a week, we might recommend:
    • Monday - Running Session 1 - VO2 Max Priority
    • Wednesday - Rowing Session 2 - Lactate Threshold Priority
    • Saturday - Running Session 3 - Aerobic Threshold Priority
  • What equipment do I need?
    There are always ways to make the training session work for the equipment you have, however we recommend that you have at least 2 or 3 of the following:
    • Running space (track, trails, city streets, treadmills)
    • Rower (Concept 2 is preferred)
    • Stationary Bike (Concept 2 Bike Erg is preferred)
    • Assault Bike
    • Ski Erg
    • Jump Rope
    • Sandbag (we can help you build one if needed)
    • Dumbbells
    • Kettlebells
    • Swimming Pool
  • Do I have to do the session in the order of the program?
    We want you to be able to fit the workouts in with what works with your schedule. That means you can do them in whatever order you want. We recommend that you do complete each different type of workout (meaning VO2 Max, Lactic Endurance Priority, etc.) a few times a month at least.
  • Can I add this to my regular training?
    Absolutely. This program is meant to supplement your training, however you want to make sure you add it in slowly, so your body can prepare to the new volume. This program could also be your full-time training if you really want to focus on a long endurance race, or building your aerobic capacity for an amount of time.
  • Billing & Account Questions?
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